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Towers are provided. Blocks can be taken from any level below the top 2 completed levels. Only one hand may be touching a block at any time. You can tap a block to see if it can be moved, if a block is moved more than a half inch you must either pull it or replace it. Your turn ends when the next player touches the tower or after 10 seconds. The loser is whoever made the tower fall.

A classic Xbox Party Game - Rules TBD

Ladder Rules.

All rounds will be played as best of 3. The winner of the round will move forward.

No character restrictions will be implemented.

Use of in-game glitches or known bugs will be a forfeit of the match.

Games will be played on an Xbox One Console. Controllers will be provided. Custom controllers or Xbox Elite controllers will also be allowed.

Games will continue until there is a victor. The tourney will be set up on a single elimination. Once you are out, you are out.

If your competitor does not appear for their round. Your round will be skipped, the people after you will play through and if, upon completion, your competitor still has not arrived then you will be given the win.

If you are competing in another tourney or competition on game day this will be taken into consideration when working through the Mortal Kombat ladder. The tourney will continue and your rounds will be played when you are available, within reason.

Warmup will be available for the lead up to the tournament. We will do our best to facilitate warmup matches for people that are going to be playing first.

In addition to these scheduled tournaments, there will be open gaming during the event. If you wish to participate in these tournaments, you can register on-site or by contacting the tournament organizer here

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