Tickets may be purchased in Advance via eTix. 100% of the ticket price goes directly to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.
Limited to 64 players, please RSVP via this Facebook event by clicking the GOING button.
Join us for an amateur Pokken DX bracket! This is a free-to-enter tournament!
An amateur bracket means that those who are on our PR (Ranked and HMs) cannot enter the tournament!
Prize for this tournament TBD!
--Use player data?: NO
--Initial settings: 2 rounds, Stadium mode, Skill: OFF
--Loser of last match may change Pokemon
--Both players may change assist sets and cheer type between matches
--In multiple controller setups / tournaments, you must exit all the way back to the main menu before you leave the station. Incoming players press L+R+Down+Start to enter LAN mode. L/R Bumpers, Start = "+"
--NOTE: Leaving LAN mode and re-entering does not default initial settings.
Switches will be provided, however if you wish to bring your own setup for this tournament you are welcome to bring your own.
A set up consists of:
Switch and components.
Copy of Pokken DX
LAN Adapter
Crossover Cable
It is recommended to bring your own controller if you are familiar with a particular controller scheme. We cannot guarantee the availability of certain controllers with each setup.