Tickets may be purchased in Advance via eTix. 100% of the ticket price goes directly to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.
Limited to 6 players, please RSVP via this Facebook event the GOING button.
"As a child, you grew up in Sandpoint hearing tales of heroes and adventure. Having come of age, you prepare to answer the call for heroes as sinister shadows grow across your homeland.
This is a Pathfinder Beginner Box event for players of any level of experience. Players may bring their own characters created under the Beginner Box rules and pre-generated characters will also be provided. Players need only bring dice, a pencil, a character sheet, and their imaginations. A copy of the Pathfinder rulebook orthe Hero's Handbook from the Beginner Box would also be helpful.
The campaign is divided into two halves, each with six player slots. Each part will start at 10:00 am and end at 9:00 pm (at the latest) with breaks interspersed throughout as needed for the players and GM. Players do not have to play from the very beginning and will be guided through an initial character generation/upgrade session at the start of the daily event and during breaks in between adventures.
Full guidelines for the game can be found here: